About Us

Hi there! We are a family owned and run business! We started this business after another Promoter sold their business and there wasn’t much else around in Vermont. We are the first sanctioned Fight Promotion in Vermont and we are growing!

Rex Thompson is the match maker for this fight promotion. He is a big part of finding the fighters and making sure they are all ready to go the night of the fights. He and Taylor Thompson run the business behind the scenes and up front. Taylor deals with all the advertisements and art (posters/replays/photos), along with the administrative duties that go along with making a business run smoothly online and offline. Brenda Thompson helps us with small office organizational tasks and help managing the staff/ tickets during the show and a lot of the finances/receipts.

We ultimately started this business to make Vermont a state where fighters can have sanctioned, fair fights. Taylor had an MMA debut at 16, Rex Thompson is Grappling in Battle In Barre 9, and the whole family has practiced martial arts for awhile. We hope to grow with all the fighters and the fans and make this promotion as fun, exciting, fair and help expand MMA in Vermont!

Although this is only our 9th event, and we are not the largest promotion or have the largest sponsors, we do have a dedication to making a place where people can enjoy good MMA competition in a safe setting. We hear your feedback and work on that as hard as we can for our next shows. We appreciate all the support that our fans and fighters have given us throughout our short time being around. Any amount of support helps us tremendously, as we aren’t doing this for money (thank you Barslow Construction for helping us out in a Big way always) we just want to continue to produce great match ups and hopefully get these fighters the exposure they want all over the US!

If you are a fighter and need to contact us, PLEASE EMAIL OR MESSAGE OUR FACEBOOK OR INSTAGRAM DIRECTLY links down below. We also have a fighter form you can fill out that makes it easy for us to find you if we have a potential match up for you.

Follow us on youtube! We are trying to make it to 1000 subscribers as our first milestone since making a YouTube! We are also on Facebook and Instagram for posts about fighters and upcoming events! Catch the PAY-PER-VIEW for our Battle In Barre Events on our website! Or click a specific fighter link so they can get credit!

Taylor Thompson
Rex Thompson