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Hey there! This post will be for anyone that would like to help at our events! Check-In Administration, Security, Cleanup, Set-up etc., Follow us on Facebook for updates and check-in here with us so we know who we will be working with! This will keep things more organized, thank you!

“Gusto’s” Photo by-Steve Renaud
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Tickets/ Seating Chart Help

If you are experiencing problems navigating the seating chart contact us and we can send an email with an invoice to the seat/s you have requested. Bleacher/ General Admission tickets are $40 and can be purchased easily through the SHOP without the seating chart. Tickets will be mailed to you, OR you can go down to Aired Out and they can provide tickets! Thank you so much for all your support! This event will also be pay-per-view, the link will be posted closer to the date.

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General Admission Tickets

Hey there! Some people were having trouble purchasing the Bleacher tickets through our seating chart. I have added the tickets onto an events page, that can be found under the Coming Soon> Events and scrolling down to add the tickets to your cart. General Admission doesn’t have specific seats, so this was the easiest solution at the time. We are still emailing/chatting with the company that made the seating system. Thank you for your patience! If you are still experiencing problems, please send us a message and we will try to fix it as soon as possible! Happy Holidays everyone! We can’t wait to see you this February 19th!

Here is the link for anyone wanting to purchase tickets! Battle In Barre 6 – DonnyBrooke Fight Promotions

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Josh Hardy Vs Bruce Richards Poster

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for new posts! Get tickets now for Battle in Barre 6! You can buy them on this website or grab them from Aired Out on N Main Street, Barre, VT. Pay-Per-View will also be available, link will be shared closer to show date!

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Meet Bruce Richards

Photo Credit Taylor Thompson

I met Bruce many years ago when he was an up-and-coming amateur fighter, fighting for XCP when Cathy owned the promotion. He was one of my favorite fighters to watch. I would always meet him to buy tickets to the show because we always knew, win, lose or draw, Bruce was about to put on a show. This is what we loved the most about watching Bruce fight; his willingness to just bang it out in the middle of the cage. Unlike most fighter Bruce wasn’t formally trained, so all of his experience came from getting in the cage over and over. He has been inside that cage over 55 times as an amateur. He is a seasoned fighter just starting his Pro Career 0-1 as an MMA fighter, right here in Barre Vermont. Bruces style will make for a super exciting fight against Josh Hardy – Rex Thompson DBFP

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Welcome! This is our new website! Our tickets are available through our seating chart; you can find the seating chart by going to SHOP>TICKETS and then click the big button that says seating chart! We hope to get our merchandise up soon so the rest of the shop isn’t so empty! Thanks for checking us out! Don’t forget to follow us on facebook and instagram for more content!