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Sponsorship Deals

Hey there! Are you looking to sponsor an upcoming event? We have finally come up with a more organized way to set up sponsors! We have restructured the sponsors! This show, you will choose which fight you would like to sponsor! The main card Sponsors get all of the packages as described below! The pre- lims are cheaper, so they will not have the option of a logo in the cage, on our digital/physical posters, or in our TV ads. (Unless we work something out, contact us)

– Website package- logo on our website as sponsor/ link to social media account/link to website

-Poster Package – This package includes your logo added onto our posters. We use these posters to put in stores, hang on bulletins and post at the show. They also typically go onto our banners which we showcase at various stores and bring in for our Ceremonial Weigh-ins and face-off photos. Our posters also go in The World Newspaper as a full page ad. We use these posters for a lot of our replays; as well as post them onto our social media platforms which include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and our own website. See also digital media package for a little more insight.

-Digital Media Package – This package includes us tagging you in some of our other posts that don’t include the poster. This is more along the lines of fight announcements, photoshoot galleries, fighter updates, etc., We actively try to get more followers that are engaging on our page. In a year we had over a million views on our facebook. We have had several thousand views on our instagram (We do ads for fights, not necessarily our page which is why our follow count isn’t the highest right now but we are increasing in followers every day!) We also have twitter and youtube, although we don’t have as much content on our youtube, we still have a significant amount of people that share our replay posts and highlights. Twitter is connected to our instagram, along with facebook, anything we post to Instagram will also go directly to those platforms as well. And the more engagement that is shown on a specific post, the more people that will see it, so tagging your company, along with you sharing brings in a more traffic to both parties! You can choose which posts you would more like to be associated as well.

-Pay-Per-View Package- This package includes your logo/ ad played during our pay-per-view, they have a shoutout and your ad can be played. We play ads several times during our fights, they also show up if someone rewatches the fight. During intermission they play more, and they also play up on the big screen in the auditorium during when doors open, and during intermission.

-Decals Package – This package includes your logo in our cage during the fights. We can work with the decals guy to make sure your logo isn’t blurry or pixalated when printed out.

  • Replays Package – Your logo and/or ad will be played during the beginning of our replays and we can tag you in the posts that we make when we post on facebook/ Instagram. This package is a smaller package as we only have so many fights during an event. Between 7- 12 fights typically, so that is only that many posts. This doesn’t include any highlights or pictures. You can also choose which fights you would like your ad on!