Terms of Use

We (DonnyBrooke Fight Promotions) do not collect any personal data (name, address, orders, number etc.,) for anything other than your purchasing. We do not give out that information to anyone else. We may keep your email/name to contact you about previous orders, sales promotions, and an invitation to our next events. We do keep logs of the crashes we receive so that we can use that to fix the issue at hand. We are not responsible for anything our fighters say on or off social media, but we do not promote harassment that is in direct relation to our company. Our information is almost always up to date, but being a small business, it can get behind sometimes. If you experience any problems with our website/app you can contact us at donnybrookefp@gmail.com and we will try to help in anyway possible.

We advised parents check the website/ videos beforehand to decide if they think their child is suitable to watch. We try to keep the language to minimum swears, but there are ring girls in bathing suits/ shorts, and there is blood and fighting (this is a MMA Promotion after all). Viewer discretion is always advised, but these fights are all for good sport, and you will normally see two fighters hug in the end of it all. All of the fighters have signed releases to fight and to be on the tv. We work with cvtsport.net production to help produce the live streams of the events. We do experience technical difficulties quite often, but the show will always go on. If your experience is really horrible, we will work with you to make it better!

As always, we appreciate your support in growing the MMA community in Vermont.